List of Courses

Module/Course nameCourse FocusProfessionDuration
PC for Health ProfessionalsIntroduction to Palliative care, philosophies , principles and Practice, including effective pain managementDoctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Social workers1-week
PC  for Nurse  & Midwife EducatorsRole of Nurses and Midwife Educators in Palliative care, Palliative care principles, philosophies and Practice, Including effective pain managementNurses  and Midwives1-week
PC Initiators CoursePalliative Care training (Lectures and Practical aspects) Palliative care service start-up , Training of Trainers (TOT)Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Social workers4-weeks

Short Term Courses

Target Group

Course Focus


Sensitization for 
Community leaders, Spiritual leaders,  Local 
Govt.  Health Counsellors
 Sensitization & Awareness Creation on Hospice and Palliative Care principles and practice.1-day
Carers (Care Givers)Fundamentals of supportive care.3-days
Health professionals who work with ChildrenRole of Health care Professionals in Paediatric Palliative care.1-day
Health professionals who work with the ElderlyRole of Health care Professionals in Palliative care for the elderly.1-day

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